How do I order?

A couple of ways! Orders can be made by emailing sales@freshpressed.com, direct messaging on Instagram @_thefreshpressed, on Facebook @thefreshpressed or by texting our business line at 770-648-4802.

What does cold-pressed mean?

Cold-pressed means no heat was created during the juicing process. This ensures maximum vitamin and mineral preservation. Fresh Pressed presses are also suitable for a raw-vegan diet.

Are Fresh Pressed juices and boosts Vegan?

Fresh Pressed presses are vegan, plant-based and raw using the freshest ingredients.

How long do your presses stay fresh?

For maximum health impact, presses should be consumed with 3 or 4 days. If longer preservation is needed, transfer your press to a plastic bottle and freeze for up to 2 weeks. When ready to consume, thaw your press in the fridge. DO NOT FREEZE JUICE IN GLASS BOTTLES!


Right now, delivery for juice is only available in the Atlanta metro area. Pick-up is available free of charge in the Roswell, GA area. Delivery within a 10 mile radius is $10. Want delivery but live further away? Send us a message so we can make special arrangements.

Note: Merchandise is shipped worldwide!

Well…can’t I just buy juice at the store?

Absolutely, but not the same quality. Juice in the store is pasteurized. While that kills harmful bacteria, it also kills the good stuff...leaving juice in the store not much better than soda.

Can I send back my glass bottles?

Absolutely! We love recycling. Send the bottles back with your next delivery/pick-up and we’ll sparkle them up for next time.


Returns and Cancellations

Satisfaction guaranteed! While Fresh Pressed is not responsible for presses that spoil due to improper handling, we do hope you love your press. Although returns are not possible, reach out to sales@thefreshpressed.com with any concerns and we’ll work to make it right!

Cancellation Policy

At Fresh Pressed, your press is made just for you! Please give at least 24-hour notice prior to your delivery/pick-up date to get a full refund. Within 24 hours of scheduled delivery/pick-up, customer will not be refunded.


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